Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Curio Obscura... or OMFG Look at the cool new toys!

So I found found this link on http://fashionplanet.worldofSL.com, that lead me eventually to Curio Obscura, a brand new steampunk themed little store with a, get this, COG BRAIN!

I mean c'mon, how cool is that?!?

Last night I showed it to Cee from "What is this Crap?", someone I have known from my previous blogging times. And Cee loved the Steampunk automaton skin :o
Even snapped a pic of us at the store......
OH! and the store owner and creator Pandora herself showed up! Yay!

So really, if you are doing the steampunk think, or just looking for a nifty new brain, check it out, Curio Obscura!


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